The Berimbolo Game DVD by Tony Pacenski

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“B is for Berimbolo- Learn This Unique Guard Game Finally Structured So Everyone Can Play Berimbolo!”

“Hey, little Tony, I want to do some privates with you on the Berimbolo!” Do you know this theme is on going with my privates schedule? It must be all those competitions popping up every month and weekend-to-weekend. The Berimbolo is one of the new positions in Jiu-Jitsu. There are several video clips on youtube showing how to do the basic position or counter; however, what I put together is a 50 minute instructional with no fluff or replays. Solid information from many different aspects of learning this game.
If you are looking for a new sweeping, back-take & passing system from the guard or an effective way to quickly confuse even a seasoned black belt, you need to learn more about the amazing position called the Berimbolo. The Berimbolo is one of the most unique and innovative positions in jiu-jitsu competition today. By watching these instructional videos you will learn a popular guard game made famous by Samuel Braga, the Mendes Brothers and the Miyao Brothers. With this DVD you will have access to this instruction as "little" Tony break this position apart like no other!