The Baratoplata 2 DVD Set by Rafael Freitas

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Rafeal Freitas is the roosterweight Gracie Barra competitor known for his energetic style in both jiu-jitsu and MMA. The baratoplata is Rafael's unique submission which is highly effective however relatively unknown amongst practitioners of BJJ & MMA.
In this 2 DVD set, Rafael will break down - in full detail - how to set up and finish this painful submission from standing and from the ground.

Chapter listing:
1- From Full Mount
2- High Mount
3- From S Mount
4- From Technical Mount  
5- From Arm Bar Defense
6- Kimura from North South
7- Kimura from Side Control (Might change the name of this one)
8- From Side Control 1
9- From Side Control 2
10- From Knee on Belly
11- From Reverse Knee on Belly
12 - From Passing Straight to Mount
13 - From Turtle Position
14 - Flying Baratoplata  
1- Pulling to the guard
2- From Closed guard 1  
3- From Closed Guard 2
4- From Butterfly guard
5- From Spider Guard 1
6- From Spider Guard 2
7- From Triangle Defense 1
 8 - From Triangle Defense 2
9 - From Arm Bar Defense
10 - From Omo Plata
11 - From Double Under Hook Pass

1- Both knees on the ground
2- Step the right leg
3- Step the left leg
4- Stand Up
5- Hold his hands together
6- Forward roll  
7 - Keeping head low
-The Baratoplata in BJJ matches
-The Baratoplata in MMA fight


Languages: English, Japanese
Run time: 140 min on 2 DVDs

Customer Reviews

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Quinton Gipson

The Baratoplata 2 DVD Set by Rafael Freitas

Bryan Waltz
This is an AMAZING submission!

Professor Barata showed me his signature move the "Barataplata" while training with him at Gracie Barra New Mexico. It works great! You will tap a lot of people with this technique and then you will have to explain to them what you did! I am now a black belt and I use this move almost every day to surprise my students:) Professor Barata is well known for having a very slick and super-technical game. Get his DVD's! This could be you next favorite submission!