Tetsuzan Kuroda 5: Kenjutsu DVD

Tetsuzan Kuroda 5: Kenjutsu DVD

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Komagawa Kaishin-ryu Kenjutsu - "Secrets of Kirigami"

Volume 5

Movement Disappears. In-Between Disappears. Witness the "Visible Movement."

The practice as it should naturally be, and the accumulation thereof, makes even the most incredible techniques possible. By utilizing large movements, one can fulfill contradictory conditions such as shortest, fastest, largest, and smallest simultaneously. The profound depths of "kata," possessing the supreme principles of ancient martial arts. Techniques that are both free and swift, never settling. When one masters these ultimate techniques, the body of a martial artist standing there appears as enchanting as a national treasure Miroku Bosatsu statue. It is truly a body obtained through seeking the "art" with artistic harmony, akin to a "superhuman body."


  • Komagawa Kaishin-ryu Kenjutsu - "Secrets of Kirigami" Chapter
  • Review and Supplemental Notes from Previous Session: "Kaiken Suburi," "Enshin," and others
  • "Kirigami"
    • Instructor's Demonstration, Theoretical Overview, Explanations
    • Practical Instruction, Exercises, Cautions

Guidance and Performance by: Kuroda Tetsuzan
Born in 1950 in Saitama Prefecture. Learned the family tradition of martial arts from his grandfather, Taizhi Tessensai. He is the headmaster of five schools: Minmi-ryu Iaijutsu, Komagawa Kaishin-ryu Kenjutsu, Shishintakuma-ryu Jujutsu, Tsubaki Kotengu-ryu Bojutsu, and Seigyoku Oguri-ryu Sakkatsu-jutsu. Currently continues to pursue the original movements of martial arts with his disciples at the Shimbukan Dojo. Kuroda Tetsuzan is his real name. He remains a star figure for many martial arts enthusiasts dissatisfied with the contemporary competitive martial arts world.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 45 min.