Ten Ryu no Kun: Kata & Bunkai for Bo DVD by Roger Wehrhan

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Ten Ryu no kun is an important foundational Bo kata in the art of Ryukyu Kobudo. It can be traced back to Tara Shinken, Sensei, considered by some to be the father of modern Kobudo.
The secrets of this somewhat innocent looking kata and its hidden applications unfold as it is presented in an easy to learn step-by-step process.

This DVD contains:
Basics of the Bo, kihon series with 10 blocks-10 strikes
Kata taught at slow speed (front and side)
Kata performed at regular speed (front and side)
Two man application drill using the technique of the kata
Complete individual bunkai (application) of each move of the kata
Two man supplemental Bo vs. Bo drill
Two man demonstration of Bo vs. Sai
Two man demonstration of Bo vs. Tonfa
Defense against multiple attackers for school demonstrations