Tao of Wing Chun Do Vol 2: Chi Sao Sticking Hands Book by James DeMile (Preowned)

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Rare out of print book on Wing Chun Kung Fu by an original student of Bruce Lee.



1) Basic Spring Energy

-Definition of Spring Energy

-Psycho Physical Energy Base

-Spring Perimeters

-Body Spring Energy Flow

-Unnatural Spring Load: Pushing vs Pulling

2) Applied Spring Energy

-Natural Spring Energy: Without Resistance

-Natural Spring Energy With Resistance

-Positive, Negative, and Positive-Negative Load

-Non-Aggressive Spring Load

-Aggressive Spring Load

3) Stretches

-Outline of Stretches

-Dog Stretch

-Ab Curls

-Upper Body Stretches

-Wrist Stretches

4) Introduction to Chi Sao & Luk Sao

-Description of Chi Sao

-Rules of Chi Sao, Luk Sao

5) Applied Chi Sao

-Basic Strikes

-Chi Sao Rotation

-Actions and Reactions against Improper Chi Sao Positions

-Soft, Single, and Double Doan Chi Exercises

Published In 1977

128 pages





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