Taking it Lightly DVD with Tony Cecchine

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"Insider Secrets...Unseen Moves...Your Own Private Lesson On The Subject Of Human Annihilation"

"You'll get two for the price of one as Bruce H. Lee and I team up to share some of our best kept secrets. That's a combined half century plus of REAL experience and REAL know-how all geared to make you an ANIMAL."

When we were all done shooting The Routine, we decided to stay around the Tool and Die Shop for a while longer, and as they say, good things happen when you least expect it!

Bruce H. Lee, one of my top students of Catch-As-Catch-Can and a man with over 20 years experience as an amateur wrestler, took center stage to deliver the goods. And boy, did he deliver! He starts out with what I call the "Bruce Special," one of the best escapes from the cross-side position I've ever seen in my over 30 years on the mat. He even shows exactly how to transition directly into the deadly top wristlock while you're pulling the escape off. Bruce breaks it all down in incredible detail, and then shows you how to pull the move when someone is trying to top wristlock YOU!

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Thomas A. Fox
Taking it Lightly DVD Tony cecchine

IF you're interested in wrestling and fighting I recommend this DVD to you.
Great DVD by Tony Cecchine