Taiji Quan - Style Taiji with Yang Sword DVD by Thierry Alibert

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Forms and Martial Applications by 2 Experts

By Thierry Alibert & Jean Jacques Galinier

Thierry Alibert:
He is an international expert of ancient and modern Yang Style. He is the founder of the t.a.o. old yang style school.
He supervises training sessions in France and abroad, and relentlessly spreads his art, like a craftsman walking the earth in order to meet as many people as possible and share his passion for this millennial art.
A former great Karateka and foot-fist Boxer, he has been a many times European Taiji Quan Champion (weapons, empty hands, fight, and sword), he was a finalist in the World Yongnian Tournament that took place in 1999 to celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Yang Lu Chan, founder of this style. And now, thanks to his many pedagogical films, he shares this 25 years old experience of his, devoted to martial arts and to energy health techniques.

Jean-Jacques Galinier:
He's been practicing martial arts for 30 years and has specialized in internal martial arts, such as Taiji-Quan, Bagua Zhang & Yingyi Quan since 1981.
In october 2004 he won 4 Gold medals in China, in the International Wu Shu Tournament of Qingdao, in Yang Style Taiji-Quan, in Taiji with sword, in Taiji with saber, in Bagua Zhang, and one Silver medal in Chen Style Taiji-Quan.

The original feature of this film lies in the uncovering of two forms or Tao Lu with sword (Taiji Jian)Yang Style, shown by two Taiji Quan experts, Thierry Alibert & Jean-Jacques Galinier.
You will enjoy the complementary variations that each form includes.

Each movement is shown in martial situation to understand the motion.
Besides, you will be able to practice the handling of Chinese sword thanks to the various basic techniques taught in this film.

The Extra Features present exercises (Tui Jian) with a partner, similar to the Tui Shou, in which swords of both partners always touch.
These pedagogic exercises are a preparation for free sword fight, also shown in this film.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Running Time: 60 Minutes


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