Taido Kokoro Ryu - Hanbojutsu – Basic Techniques DVD by Danny Koch

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Taido Kokoro Ryu - Hanbojutsu –
Basic movements and techniques with the stick

By Danny Koch

On this film we present and teach the basic use of the Hanbo (Short stick). Comprehensible techniques and movements make it easy for all martial artists and fighters to integrate them into their own compilation of techniques. In a next step the here shown basics can be used during every normal training to improve his or her skills with the Hanbo. Realistic application examples will be demonstrated several times step by step and important details will be explained in a short and comprehensible way.

Blocking techniques
Basic techniques
Use against grabs
Use against direct grabs
Use against strikes and kicks
Use against body grabs and chokes

The author Danny Koch has been training different martial arts for more than 30 years. He states modestly to be “one of many” and shows the same humility in his training that is characterized by traditions. Thanks go to grandmaster Bernd Hohle, one of his closest students, and the camera team for making this educational video possible.

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 68 Minutes

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