Tai Chi Fighting Set DVD with Dr Yang, Jwing Ming

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Every day, Tai Chi Chuan is practiced by millions of men and women worldwide as a moving meditation, known for its health benefits. However, its origins are in the martial arts. A fighting set is a sequence of movements which teaches the student how to apply the martial art in a real-life fighting situation. This DVD comprehensively instructs and demonstrates the 88 Posture, 2-Person Fighting Matching Set for advanced Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan).

This Fighting Set is a combination of techniques from pushing hands and the solo Taijiquan sequence, and it serves as a bridge connecting pushing hands with real fighting. Like pushing hands, it teaches you how to sense your opponent’s actions and intentions, and it also teaches footwork and how to set up your strategy, making your fighting skill more realistic and alive. Anyone who is proficient at a solo Tai Chi sequence and pushing hands should be able to learn this fighting set easily, and make it part of their practice routine.
In ancient times, this form was taught by a few masters to only a handful of trusted students as a part of the final training of Taijiquan as a sophisticated and extremely effective fighting art.

Languages: English, French

Length: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Excellent instruction!

Excellent instruction ! dr yang is a very good teacher.

David Chesser
Another great DVD

Another great disc by Dr. Yang. This one is truly advanced, one of the few advanced discs for taiji that I've seen. Yang takes the fighting set (which is rare enough to begin with) and breaks it down step by step for the viewer. He then steps in and gives lots of details on how to combat what the opponent does in the form and how to exploit his position while trying to stop him from exploiting your position. I would think that significant time doing push hands would be necessary to get the most out of this DVD. But worth it for an advanced practitioner.