Systema Stick Seminars DVD by Mikhail Ryabko

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The legendary Mikhail Ryabko is a Chief Instructor and founder of Systema. He is also a Colonel of Russian Special Operations Units with 25 years of real military experience.

Watch Mikhail in New York and Moscow at his remarkable seminars, where he takes a stick onto his hands and turns it into an incomparable training tool and unsurpassed fighting weapon.

Expertly progressing from simple to more challenging drills, he prepares your hands, fingers and wrists for handling a stick and gradually works through the rest of the muscle groups. He guides you through partner and solo work, demonstrates subtle and exceedingly strong stick movements utilizing the wrist alone. In a clear and unique way, Mikhail shows how to fill the hands with freedom and power without tension.

For the first time on film, you can see Mikhail’s famous work of “tying up with a stick” and gain the deep and profound skill of training and applying the stick in a confrontation. 

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Lawrence Wall
worth the cost

The tendon strengthening exercises presented at the beginning of the DVD are worth the cost of the DVD by themselves! The exercises, done regularly, make you one with the stick. From there the stick becomes an extension of yourself rather than a tool in your hand. This is foundational work, meant to be practiced intensely for quite some time before you move on to something more "interesting" or "entertaining." If you possess both patience and maturity, than this DVD will work well for you. If you want flash, buy something else.

Jacob Anderson Anderson
Very basic

Very basic, I thought would be more thorough