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Systema Spetsnaz DVD #5 - Internal Wave Energy

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This is an instructional DVD for any Martial Artist to learn & develop Power Energy Strikes, Punches & Kicks using a limited amount of physical strength. Knowing how to form your wrist and fingers as well as where to deliver a strike is not enough. Learn how to use Figure 8 and Wave Motion to generate powerful internal penetrating strikes.

Through joint gymnastics and power exercises, you will strengthen your muscles, ligaments & joints as well as develop natural body flexibility. Through easy to follow joint tension techniques & wave motion exercises you will develop Powerful Strikes, Punches, and Kicks to control & overcome an attacker in extreme situations.



Systema Spetsnaz was based on traditional Martial Arts and scientific knowledge of physics, mathematics, psychology. Wave motion is one of the advanced principles in Systema Spetsnaz. It allows to save a lot of physical strength and makes your strikes, punches and kicks extremely powerful and effective. Just try it and you will discover a lot of hidden combat secrets of Russian Special Forces. There are not just exercises for joints (which is also very important for combat mobility). The wave motion is the unique mechanism of combat. Apply the Wave Motion everywhere - in your strikes, knife combat, takedowns, for fighting with multiple opponents. It looks simple, but there are a lot within it!

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