Systema Spetsnaz DVD #17: Seminar Day #3 - COMBAT DUALITY (2 hours) - Budovideos Inc

Systema Spetsnaz DVD #17: Seminar Day #3 - COMBAT DUALITY (2 hours)

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Russian Spetsnaz Training: Seminar Day III - Combat Duality:

  • Discover hidden combat power with relaxation techniques
  • Learn how to take a force and redirect it 
  • Gain knowledge how to turn a regular object into a powerful weapon (a pen, a belt or anything else on hand) 
  • Russian Spetsnaz fighting in three dimensions 
  • Safe falls and fighting on the ground 
  • Using two forces and rotation to outfight your opponent 
  • One figure takedown techniques
  • Two vital striking zones to survive in a real life situation
  • The fundamental principle of absorbing a kick and using its inertia to defeat your adversary. 


The third day of the Russian Spetsnaz Training is dedicated to strengthening the three senses and using them in self-defense – hearing, smell and touch. Harmonize the body, mind and spirit by practicing combat with closed eyes and performing deep hypnosis meditation. 

Sharpen your Spetsnaz skills with seminar participants!

Running Time: 1 hour 54 minutes. 
Language: English.

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