Systema Seminar 6: Continuous Movements DVD by Arend Dubbelboer - Budovideos Inc

Systema Seminar 6: Continuous Movements DVD by Arend Dubbelboer

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Volume 6: Keep Moving Without Stopping

Overview: Delve into the principles of Systema, a refined body technique system developed by Russian special forces experts from traditional martial arts and health practices. Led by Master Arend Dubbelboer, known for his clear instruction and extensive experience, this special seminar in Osaka focuses on cultivating uninterrupted movement through precise sensing of form, direction, and force.



  • Feel the power of your breath: Understand the foundational role of breath in Systema, enhancing body control and energy management.

  • Move your body with the power of your breath: Explore techniques to synchronize breath with movement, optimizing efficiency and fluidity.

  • Move your opponent with the power of your breath: Learn how controlled breathing influences opponent movement and reactions.

  • Use your breath as a frame: Utilize breath as a structural support for movement and defense strategies.

  • Find a movement that matches your opponent: Develop adaptive movement responses tailored to opponent actions and energy.

  • Exercises to develop inner strength: Practice drills to cultivate internal strength and resilience in Systema movements.


  • Move without stopping: Master the art of continuous movement without breaks or pauses, a hallmark of Systema efficiency.

  • Observe your inner movements: Heighten awareness of internal body dynamics to enhance movement precision and control.

  • Refine your unstoppable movements: Fine-tune techniques for seamless and persistent motion in combat scenarios.

  • Create new movements that come from within: Innovate and adapt new movement patterns originating from internal body cues and responses.

  • How to think about creating new movements: Develop a strategic mindset for generating and applying novel movement techniques.

  • How to receive/deliver a strike: Learn effective strategies for both receiving and delivering strikes with fluidity and control.

  • Create movements with your breath: Integrate breath manipulation into movement creation to enhance effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Use your own movements to attack your opponent: Utilize personalized movement patterns as offensive tools in combat engagements.

About Systema and the Systema Instruction Manual Series: Systema emphasizes relaxation to optimize natural body movements and enhance physical capabilities without rigid training categories such as kata or basic drills. The Systema Instruction Manual series offers diverse perspectives from various Systema instructors, focusing on practical application and adaptability.

Instructor: Arend Dubbelboer With a martial arts journey beginning at age 10, Arend Dubbelboer commenced his Systema training in 2004 under the tutelage of Masters Mikhail and Vladimir. He has applied Systema principles across diverse fields including self-defense, law enforcement, military training, and corporate settings. Dubbelboer is dedicated to promoting and teaching Systema's holistic approach to movement and combat effectiveness.


Language: Japanese

Run time: 192 min.


Systema Seminar 6: Continuous Movements DVD by Arend Dubbelboer - Budovideos Inc

Systema Seminar 6: Continuous Movements DVD by Arend Dubbelboer

Regular price $39.95 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $39.95 USD