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By Konstantin Komarov - Major of GRU (Main Intelligence Administration of Russia), PhD in Psychology and Professional Bodyguard and by Vladimir Vasiliev

The Russian Bodyguards with the most real and challenging experience present their unique knowledge and training tips for any active professional; and for the first time, for people, who just wish to be able to defend a family member or a friend!

Konstantin and Vladimir are the masters of actions so subtle and so precise that at times the attacker does not even realize that he is being controlled; yet he is unable to resist.

They reveal to you swift and effective protection for a wide variety of threats and distances, explain the types of security and safety zones, show excellent drills on developing sensitivity, reaction time, peripheral vision, skills of moving yourself and the one you are with from the lines of attack, distraction tactics, professional takedowns, handgun detection and controlling the attack at the first sign of intention, as well as the ways of handling and disarming handguns and knives not used by any instructional facility in North America, such as protection from two knife-wielding attackers, and loading the gun with one hand.

The film is specifically designed to be absolutely clear and exciting to watch. You are sure to learn from it after the first viewing!