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Systema Manual by Konstantin Komarov

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Major Konstantin Komarov is a PhD in Combat Psychology, a commander and pedagogue to military professionals, a highly experienced bodyguard, a mentor to troubled youth and a trainer to numerous Systema practitioners around the world.

Konstantin is one of the most knowledgeable and thorough instructors of our time.

In this book, Major Komarov skillfully presents each key Systema concept through:

- Clear explanations
- Step-by-step practice programs
- Remarkable personal life chronicles


Language: English


256 pages

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Jim DeFrancisco
What Is Systema?

Komarov has put together an excellent training manual for Systema practitioners. The manual covers all of the fundamental concepts of systema including psychological as well as physical. The manual would be most useful for those training with a qualified instructor or at least with access to training videos. It would be great if a video could be produced in conjunction with chapters in the manual or if an addenda could be added as a supplement with illustrations of various exercises and movements.