Systema: Fundamentals of Knife Disarming DVD

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A top combat expert shows everything you need to know for cutting-edge self-defense.

Vladimir Vasiliev, a 10-year veteran of an elite Russian Special Operations Unit, reveals the ancient secrets of SYSTEMA. Benefit from the battle-proven skills of the professional close-quarter knife fighters.

Critics say this phenomenal instructor has written a new page in the history of martial arts.

Why such praise?

No patterns to practice

Instinctive moves are the most devastating, so SYSTEMA develops your body's natural capacity to defend itself in any situation.

Vasiliev uncovers complete defense - from all positions, directions and types of knife strikes, slashes, grips and levels of body contact. Learn to overcome knife attacks even without the use of your arms and legs

These are military moves that work, the real ones, subtle, quick, direct and deadly. Vasiliev then takes you far beyond technique by revealing movements that are the key to instant personal mastery

You must conquer not just a sharp blade, but even greater threats: your own stiffness, vulnerability and fear

Vasiliev's unparalleled energy, power and skill are so inspiring that you absorb the moves just by watching the film.

Ideal for beginners, indispensable for pros!

Customer Reviews

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Anthony despars
not great production

Not very good production in this series sometimes he speaks english other times he is narrated over. Im not really sure what to think on these techniques, He looks good doing them and the are quite effective looking but it is against a willing partner not an attacker hopped up on adrenaline or some drug. The moves he shows can be complicated and would take alot of practicing to be confident enough to use a gainst a knife wielding attacker. But some of the ideas and basice seem solid enough. My real problem with this kind of material is lack of documented proof that this works not just some guys word.

not very realistic

Nope, much like the gun disarms video this one also uses techniques that will probably backfire in reality. Again, it is fun to watch....but not realistic in the slightest.

edward harcourt
this guy is amazing with great movements

Watching this guy is amazing.He is part salsa dancer and part slippery oilly fish.I realize you may not understand what I just wrote until you get this video and see for yourself.In my opion,I do not need another intructor for a long while.This guy's techniques are the complete package.Valdimar moves with such economy of movement and effort,it is perfect for the defence style for even the most lazy people or for the timid person that wants to build their speed and confidance