Systema Conditioning for Real Warriors DVD by Takahide Kitagawa

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The true warrior survives the battlefield aiming for health rather than strength.

"Healthy warriors overwhelm unhealthy warriors"
(Vladimia Vasiliev, Principal of Systema Toronto Headquarters)

Founded by Russian Special Forces officers, Systema was once considered a military secret.

Currently beyond the framework of martial arts, Systema is also loved as an excellent conditioning method for the mind and body.

In this DVD, the details are carefully explained by a well-known instructor,  Takahide Kitagawa.

The purpose is to be physically and mentally able to demonstrate high performance even in extreme situations. Then, replace the mental and physical problems of [fear / pain] with the simple phenomenon of [tension].

Based on the above

・ Simple procedures such as pushing / hitting
・ Relaxation by breathing

Use to get all the tension out of your body
We will prepare our mind and body to a [healthy state] where our physical strength is full and our thinking is clear.

These conditioning methods are ideal for:

・ Those who want to improve the function of the autonomic nervous system and circulatory system
・ Those who want to overcome the stress that accumulates
・ Those who want to acquire a supple mind and body
・ Those who want to learn how to avoid harm to themselves and others

Language: Japanese

Length: 91 min.


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