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Sword Fundamental Training DVD with Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

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Master the King of the Short Weapons!

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches the fundamental techniques, solo drills, and 2-person matching practice for Sword training. Sword training raises the Spirit to a higher level of awareness and focus, and is considered the greatest achievement in Chinese martial arts.
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming teaches the history of the Sword (Jian) and explains the difference between Sword styles with examples from his private collection. Dr. Yang then comprehensively demonstrates 27 fundamental techniques common to all Chinese martial arts styles.
Next, over a dozen solo and partner practices are taught, including freestyle Sword matching training. Dr. Yang offers detailed instruction and corrections of every movement as students demonstrate, making it easy for the viewer to learn.

Program includes:

  • History and Proverbs of the Sword by Dr. Yang.
  • Various types of Sword from Dr. Yang's personal collection.
  • Solo and partner matching practice drills, including full-contact sparring.

This program, the Taiji Sword DVD, and the Northern Shaolin Sword Sequences DVD  will provide a solid foundation in Sword technique.