Survive Vicious Ground Attacks & Gun Confrontation 4 DVD Set by Moni Aizik

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Internationally renowned Chief Instructor and Commando Krav Maga Founder, Moni Aizik, gives you over 5 hours of street lethal tactics in this essential 4 DVDs set. These professionally produced DVDs cover everything from ground survival on the street to dealing with terrifying gun confrontations!

All 4 DVDs were produced in the Toronto Headquarters as well as the Commando Krav Maga Centre in Holland through an internationally joint effort.

These DVD sets are a must for everyone, whether you have no previous self-defense training or if you’re an expert martial artist!

SURVIVE VICIOUS GROUND ATTACKS gives you the most complete and comprehensive self-defense techniques if you get taken to the ground, covering over 100 brutally realistic scenarios including:

-Standing defense from attackers trying take you down

-Defense against a standing attacker from the ground

-What to do against someone punching you when you’re on your back

-Defense against brutal chokes from the ground

-Escapes from vicious headlocks

-Defending yourself from grapplers using submission techniques

-Common mistakes and dangers when taken to the ground

-And many more techniques that can save your life

SURVIVE ANY GUN CONFRONTATION gives you over 120 of the most highly evolved disarming techniques when faced with handguns or rifles including:

-Gun reversals techniques including quick release and controlled release strategies

-Quick reversals against a gangster grip

-Gun defense and reversal when the attacker is behind you

-Disarming attackers from the execution position

-Gun reversals from the hostage position

-What to do against aggressive hold-ups

-Rifle disarming techniques

-Deadly gun disarming mistakes

-Practical training methods to best prepare you for real-life scenarios

-And many more techniques that can save your life

This ESSENTIAL 4 DVD SET will guide you through each method step-by-step, giving you the greatest amount of detail and highest quality of content. You can now learn what was once exclusively taught to the top Commando Units in Israel from one of the most respected combat instructors in the world…all in the comfort of your home!

Customer Reviews

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Leobardo Chavez
awesome dvd set

awesome dvd set. the gun disarming dvds are very well explained and they have a ton of techniques. the ground attacks dvds are also very good. great stuff to add to your arsenal....

igor fedel
krav maga mixed with jiu jitsu very good moni

krav maga mixed with jiu jitsu very good moni