Super Grappling Techniques DVD with Masakazu Imanari

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Pride, Deep, Pancrase, and ZST veteran Masakazu Imanari shares his grappling techniques with you in this new DVD.
Also includes competition footage of Imanari.

Chapter 1: Heel hook and ankle hook
Chapter 2: Sliding heel hook
Chapter 3: Attacks from the arm drag
Chapter 4: Arm crush arm bar
Chapter 5: Attacks from the flying triangle
Chapter 6: Wrist locks
Chapter 7: Spider guard
Chapter 8: Arm triangle

Language: Japanese

Length: 98 min.


Customer Reviews

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David Tice
OMG!!! Incredible!

When I first got this DVD my friends and I were mesmerized by it. It was so far ahead of its time! Imanari takes grappling to a new level. This DVD has the Imanari Roll broken down step by step. However this DVD has much more besides just leglocks. Anyway I like and teach his counter to the Marcelo back take and much more.

Good DVD

Even though this is in Japanese it's easy to understand the technique that he is showing you. I like it very much.

imanari is the real master of leg locks!!!

imanari is the real master of leg locks!!!

Michael Maio
imanari is a master of leg locks

imanari is a master of leg locks and this dvd gives a quick vision into his game. i was hoping for more leg attacks on the dvd in total there were only around 12 but they were all keepers in my eyes. i would recommend this dvd for people that are intrested in learning a few moves that are out of the ordinary.

Rafael Garay
Good leglocks.

Imanari is an excellente grappler so you can learn a lot in his DVD. Good leglocks.