Smart Smashing 3 DVD Set by Gutumburg Pereira - Budovideos Inc
Smart Smashing 3 DVD Set by Gutumburg Pereira - Budovideos Inc

Smart Smashing 3 DVD Set by Gutumburg Pereira

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It’s a story any experienced grappler has heard (or lived) plenty of times. You grab someone smaller or skinnier than you for some light rolling, and suddenly, once they are on top, it feels like an anvil is sitting in your guard and passing through to even more dominant positions.

How exactly are they doing this? It doesn’t make any sense! It’s no bjj cheat code, they know one of the most valuable secrets in grappling; how to create pressure and use it to smash. Being able to use your leverage and position to create that much force can be the top specialist’s ace in the hole, and now Gutumburg Pereira, one of the best up-and-coming black belts in the world, is here to show you how you too can become this pressure machine.

Gutumburg Pereira has had one of the best breakout years in recent memory, stamping himself as one of the elite competitors in modern grappling. He’s a well-rounded, submission oriented fighter who is always hunting for better positions and submissions to end the fight, and he’s had incredible success. After World Championship gold at both purple and brown belt, Gutumburg debuted himself as a black belt by earning a spot in the Pan American absolute black belt finals, navigating through one of the toughest brackets in the world with his signature smart smashing.

The GFT fighter has picked up victories over fighters the calibur of Mahamed Aly, Gabriel Arges, Tim Spriggs, and Josh Hinger (to name a few), and everyone he fights comes away knowing that this guy is the real deal. When this guy shows you a move, it’s because he knows it works, and he wants to share his knowledge with the world.

So what exactly is “smart” smashing anyway? Aren’t most smash or pressure passes just a matter of getting on top and squeezing until the bottom player gives up the position or taps? No way! Creating smart pressure is about using your whole body to pin and hold top position, while staying mobile enough to move through the guard you just opened. This is a skill that can set you apart on the mat, and like any skill, it has its key details that so many just overlook, or don’t want to bother to learn! You will be amazed at how many little details Gutumburg has to show you that will tighten and tighten and tighten your control, until you are smashing like the Incredible Hulk!

This three volume set is complete is a complete breakdown of the pressure passing chains and sequences that Gutumburg has used to such phenomenal success. You will see how to approach and enter into your passes, how to smash and pass and control, and how to finish for a dominant position every time, no matter how your partners are trying to escape. You don’t need big muscles or any kind of size advantage to make these moves work, it’s solid fundamental control that will let you work your top game in a whole new way.