Shotokan Karate Complete Guide DVD 2 by Hirokazu Kanazawa

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Karate legend Hirokazu Kanazawa with his finest students demonstrate and explain all the basic and advanced techniques. In the intermediate levels focus on performing techniques skillfully and correctly. The second volume in the ultimate Shotokan Karate instructional series. This is the best DVD for beginners and those who have black belts.

-Stationary Basics-Natural Postures and Sanbonzuki/Natural Postures and Enpiuchi/Heisokudachi and Maegeri combination/Zenkutsudachi and Kizamizuki・Gyakuzuki/Zenkutsudachi and Kizamimaegeri・Maegeri/Zenkutsudachi and Kizamizuki・Maegeri・Gyakuzuki/Natural Postures and Maegeri・Karazuki/Natural Postures and Karazuki・Mawashigeri
・Ido Kihon-Sanbonzuki(Oizuki)/Sanbonzuki(Gyakuzuki)/Ageuke・Gyakuzuki/Sotouke・Enpi Uraken/Uchiuke・Kizamizuki・Gyakuzuki/Shutouke・Nukite/Maegeri combination/Maegeri・Mawashigeri/Keage・Kekomi/Ushirogeri/Dantai
・Kata-Heian Yondan/Heian Godan/Tekki Shodan
・Kihon Ippon Kumite-Jodanzuki No.1/Jodanzuki No.2/Jodanzuki No.3/Jodanzuki No.4/Chudanzuki No.1/Chudanzuki No.2/Chudanzuki No.3/Chudanzuki No.4/Maegeri No.1/Maegeri No.2/Maegeri No.3/Maegeri No.4/Yokokekomi No.1/Yokokekomi No.2/Mawashigeri No.1/Mawashigeri No.2

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 85 min.