Shotokan Karate Complete Guide DVD 1 by Hirokazu Kanazawa

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Karate legend Hirokazu Kanazawa with his finest students demonstrate and explain all the basic techniques. In the beginning levels the training focuses on developing step by step a strong spirit and body. This is the best DVD for a Beginner's complete guide to Shotokan Karate International.


Methods of Standing
-Shizen tai
-Zenkutsu Dachi
-Kokutsu Dachi
-Kiba Dachi
-Basic fists
-Uraken and Tettsui
-Mae Geri
-Mawashi Geri
-Mikazuki Geri
-Gedan Barai
-Age Uke
-Soto Uke
-Uchi Uke
-Shuto Uke
-Ido Kihon

-Heian Shodan
-Heian Nidan
-Heian Sandan
-Kihon Kumite
-Gohon Kumite
-Sanbon Kumite

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 107 min.