Shooto 97-99 2 DVD Set

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After suffering big losses in Vale Tudo '96, the japanese MMA fighters trained hard and are here to show their best matches from shooto 97-99.

This 2 DVD set captures all the excitement of Shooto events held from 1997-1999.

Disc 1 Featured Fights Include:

Takuya Kuwabara vs. Hayato Sakurai

Rumina Sato vs. Ricardo Botelho

Enson Inoue vs. Rei Zulu

Yuzo vs. Caol Uno

Hayato Sakurai vs. Ali Elias

Rumina Sato vs. Alan Fried

Todd Bjornethon vs. Kazuhiro Kusayanagi

Alex Cook vs. Hayato Sakurai

Enson Inoue vs. Joe Estes

Ron Fujisaki vs. Yoshitomi Mishima

Noboru Asahi vs. Dennis Hall

Kenji Kawaguchi vs. Masanori Suda

Kazuhiro Kusayanagi vs. Carlos Newton

Rumina Sato vs. Joel Gerson

Marcelo Aguiar vs. Frank Trigg

Hayato Sakurai vs. Jutaro Nakao

Caol Uno vs. Zvonko Jakovyevic

Hayato Sakurai vs. Ronny Rivano

Joel Gerson vs. Ricardo Botelho

Erik Paulson vs. Masanori Suda

Naoya Uematsu vs. Katsuya Toita

Hiroshi Tsuruya vs. Takanori Gomi

Kazuhiro Kusayanagi vs. Yuki Sasaki

Ucho Tatsumi vs. Eric Payne


Disc 2 Featured Fights Include:


Hayato Sakurai vs. Ademir Oliveira

Rumina Sato vs. Charles Taylor

Takuya Kuwabara vs. Takanori Gomi

Alexandre Franca Nogueira vs. Masahiro Oishi

Noboru Asahi vs. Uchu Tatsumi

Naoya Uebats vs. Eric Payne

Carlos Newton vs. Kenji Kawaguchi

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Marcelo Aguiar

Rumina Sato vs. Caol Uno

Brennen Kamaka vs. Ryan Bow

Ryan Diaz vs. Naoya Uematsu

Uchu Tatsumi vs. Hisao Ikeda

Caol Uno vs. Din Thomas

Noboru Asahi vs. Alexandre Franca Nogueira

Isao "The Babanba" Tanemura vs. Phil Johns

Mamoru vs. Baret Yoshida


Note this is a region 2 DVD. Check compatibility before purchasing.


Language: Japanese

Length: 343 min.