Shooto 2000 Best of DVD

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Includes 25 of the best Shooto matches from 2000.

Jutaro Nakao VS. Ray Cooper
Mishima Dokonjonosuke VS. Din Thomas
Takuya Kuwabara VS Johnny Edwards
Sakurai Mach Hayato VS. Tetsuji Kato
Kaoru Uno VS. Dennis Hallman
Erik Paulsom VS. Ronald Jhun
Rumina Sato VS. Yves Edwards
Masahiro Oishi VS. Baret Yoshida
Naoya Uematsu VS. Joey Gilbert
Uchu Tatsumi VS. Anthony Hamlett
Sakurai Mach Hayato VS. Luis Azeredo
Mishima Dokonjyonosuke VS. Marcio Feitosa
Rumina Sato VS. Takuya Kuwabara
Kaoru Uno VS. Marcio Barbosa
Alexandre Franca Nogueira VS. Uchu Tatsumi
Hiroyuki Abe VS. Stephen Palling
Baret Yoshida VS. Mamoru Okochi
Noboru Asahi VS. Naoya Uematsu
Takanori Gomi VS. Ryan Bowe
Akihiro Gono VS. Masanori Suda
Mishima Dokonjonosuke VS. Tony DeDolph
Marcio Barbosa VS. Mishima Dokonjyonosuke
Sakurai Mach Hayato VS. Frank Trigg
Mamoru VS. Jin Aikimoto
Kaoru Uno VS. Rumina Sato

**This is a Region 2 DVD. Please make sure it will play on your player before purchasing.

Language: Japanese

Length: 145 min.