Shoot Aikido: Real Techniques DVD 1 by Fumio Sakurai

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Aikido is still a mysterious martial art despite being known to the world as one of the Japanese representative martial arts. But what is aikido? Is it as effective as others martial arts when used as self defense? This is a challenge for the current aikido world, and it is a revolutionary movement.
After studying under Yoshinkan Aikido founder Gozo Shioda for 20 years, Fumio Sakurai exchanged ideas with K1 and shootfighting instructors and formed "Aikido S.A.". Sakurai claims to only teach "realistic" techniques.

In this video, Sakurai explains his 3 part system consisting of Aikibudo, self defense, and competition. In the self defense section, Sakurai instructs on how to take falls on hard surfaces, and how to use stairs, cars, trees, and benches when attacked.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 45 min.