Shoot Aikido: Real Techniques DVD 1 by Fumio Sakurai

Shoot Aikido: Real Techniques DVD 1 by Fumio Sakurai

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In the realm of Aikido, where competition is absent, the organization Aikido SA challenges conventional wisdom by exploring the martial strength of Aikido as a combat sport.

Aikido—Japan's renowned traditional martial art—is still perceived as mysterious and ambiguous to those not directly involved. What exactly is Aikido? Does it hold up against other combat sports? Is it effective for self-defense? These questions constitute a challenge and a revolutionary movement within modern Aikido.

Contents Include:

Part 1: Aikido Martial Arts

  • Rediscovering the origins of martial arts
  • Fundamental techniques and movements of Aikido
  • Basic techniques and strikes
  • Research and reform of techniques: Four-direction throw, side-entry throw, elbow lock, three-point pin
  • Basic free-style sparring system and menu

Part 2: Aikido Self-Defense

  • Aikido as a self-defense technique
  • Basic techniques of Aikido self-defense: Body handling, face punch, front kick, clutch
  • Advanced applications of Aikido self-defense techniques: Defense on a bench, defense on stairs, defense in narrow spaces

Part 3: Aikido Kumite

  • Evolving Aikido: The necessity of an opponent
  • Study of techniques in Aikido kumite: Wrist return, two-point lock, elbow lock, striking, basic techniques in Aikido kumite
  • Kumite competition: Goals of Aikido kumite

Instructor & Supervisor: Fumio Sakurai (Representative Chief Instructor of Aikido SA) Born in 1954, Fumio Sakurai began his Aikido journey at the Yoshinkan Dojo, apprenticing directly under the late Gozo Shioda, a master revered as a genius. Alongside teaching at the Yoshinkan Headquarters Dojo, he also instructed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (including riot police, special units, and VIP protection). With a sixth-degree black belt, after retiring from Yoshinkan, Sakurai established Aikido SA in 1991, aiming to systematize practical Aikido based on his interactions with figures like K-1's Kazuyoshi Ishii and Shooto founder Satoru Sayama. Sakurai actively promotes Aikido through seminars, writing, and television appearances to facilitate its widespread adoption and further development.

Language: Japanese

Run time: 45 min.