Shoot Aikido DVD 1: Basic Techniques & Combinations by Fumio Sakurai

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Shoot Aikido founder Fumio Sakurai teaches a form of Aikido that includes competition with resistance.
Kihon Dosa (Basics)
-Goshin no kamae
-Suri ashi dosa
-Kaiten dosa
-Hiraki no dosa
-Ukemi (falling on hard wood floor)
Dageki (Strikes) 
-Shote (palm strike)
-Gedan mawashi geri (round kick)
-Maegeri (front kick)
-Hiza geri (knee)
Kihon Waza for Shiai (Basics for Competition) 
-Gyakute mochi nikajo
-Gedan mawashi geri hijishime
-Katate ayamochi hijikime
-Katatemochi sokumen irimi nage
-Gedan mawashigeri jodan udegarami
Renkei Waza (Combinations)
-Gyakutemochi nikajo osae --> hijishime
-Gedan mawashigeri sakajo osae --> gedan udegarami
-Gedan mawashigeri hijishime --> kotegaeshi
-Katate ayamochi hijikime --> sokumen irimi nage
-Katatemochi sokumen irimi nage -->  hijikime
-Katate ayamochi kotegaeshi --> ikkajo osae
-Gedan mawashigeri jodan udegarami --> hijishime
Kumite (Competition)
-Real Aikido Competition including strikes
-Real Aikido Competition including kicks


Language: Japanese

Run time: 64 min.