Shinkage Ryu Hyoho DVD by Tadashige Watanabe

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The man known as Kamiizumi Ise-no-Kami,founder is highly recognized and respected for the deep spiritual level that he reached through the practice of Ken. In Setsunin-to, you pressure the opponent so that he can't move, and cut him down with one stroke of the sword. The Ken of the very rough, old days is part of this .On the other hand, Katsunin-to is about winning without letting the opponent begin to move. There are both psychological and technical aspects to both. Generally, the psychological aspect is the mental attitude of striking when the opponent is controlled and there is also a characteristic Shinkage-ryu strategy which is to win through making the opponent move. This is the first DVD which introduces the real history from Kamiizumi Ise-no-Kami to Watanabe Tadashige and the psychological & technical aspects of Shinkage-ryu Hyoho.

Content includes:

  • Etiquette (The Art of Bowing)
  • Shitto-ho: The art of holding the Katana
  • Marobashi
  • Variations of Use According to the Training Process
  • Enpi-no-maki
  • Ken and Taijutsu
  • Characteristic Tachi Techniques of Shinkage-ryu
  • Setsunin-to (Death-Giving Sword) / Katsunin-to (Life-Giving Sword)
  • Honden (Main Transmission) and Naiden (Inner Transmission)
  • Interview

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 95 min.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Dyer
shinkage ryu

amazing DVDs had to brush up on my Japanese! would have been easier if it had English subtitles! but as an add to training, well worth the money,

Jake Brittain
Great purchase

Excellent delivery of a dvd preserving a wonderful historic art.

Good video

It doesn't go too much into the technique aspect but what it does show are the more underlying principles and movements of the style and has a lot of interviews with the master himself. If you're more into the history and psychology of shinkage ryu, this is probably something you'd enjoy more of.

glenn wekony
Great video, for a swords person

Shinkageryu practitioners, this is a must buy for you !