Self-Development DVD #11 - Psycho-Physical Self-Regulation

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Relaxation and Proper Breathing are the foundations of Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat. In order to control an opponent’s energy, the first step is to learn how to generate and manage your own internal energy. This would not be possible without knowledge of breathing methods and self-regulation techniques. This DVD is must for any martial artists who want to explore his/her inner world and learn self-defense within the energy correlation. This DVD will teach you the following:

  • Deep Abdominal Breathing
  • Direct Upward Breathing
  • “Triple Furnace” Breathing
  • Breathing Along The Big Orbit
  • Restorative Breathing
  • Breathing and Movement Correlation
  • Tension & Relaxation Complex
  • Altered State Of Consciousness.

Language: English
Running time: 1 hour and 2 min
Format: NTSC, ALL region