Self Defense Encyclopedia DVD by Sang Kim (Preowned)

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The Self-defense Encyclopedia DVD is a fast paced, information packed collection of self-defense skills and principles. Sang H. Kim's approach to self-protection is street-oriented, fluid and direct with an emphasis on ending a confrontation quickly using any means necessary. Because the techniques taught are presented with both novice and advanced applications, this is an excellent reference for students, instructors and non-martial artists alike. Discover a wealth of knowledge on self-protection including: 

  • 14 essential self-defense principles that you can apply to any confrontation
  • 22 primary and secondary targets to disable an attacker
  • 10 defense drills to train your instinctive responses and avoid panicking in an emergency
  • Defensive tactics against the most common standing, ground and restraint attacks
  • Multiple defensive options for each attack - use what works for you
  • Defensive principles against multiple attackers, edged weapons and firearms
  • Restraint and control locks to immobilize an assailant
  • Environmental awareness
  • Escalation of use of force
  • Coping with Fear
  • Use of verbal communication to de-escalate a confrontation
  • Recognizing nonverbal warning signals
  • Understanding the psychology of violence
  • Coping with stalking and domestic violence
  • Scenario training and analysis
  • 7 golden rules of self-defense

80 min.


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