Seishiro Endo Seminar in Washington DC DVD

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From atari to technique
Katadori and Katadori Men-uchi

Chapter titles:
01 Pushed by a hand on your shoulder
02 Pushed by a hand on your waist
03 Pushed by a hand on your head
04 Pushed by both hands on your back
05 Touching fists with your hands from the front
06 Connecting via Atari through the wrist
07 Atari and Nikyo
08 Guiding using Atari
09 Confirmation of the initial meeting and Atari
10 Techniques for Katadori
11 Techniques for Katadori 2
12 Techniques for Katadori Nikyo
13 Techniques for Katadori Men-uchi
14 Sabaki for Katadori Ki-musubi
15 Katadori Jiyuwaza
16 Aiki with the partner's Ki