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Science of the Closed Guard - Cross Grip Attacks with Dan Lukehart (On Demand)

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Dan “Trumpet Dan” Lukehart is the owner and head instructor at Brea Jiu-Jitsu. Dan has been training Jiu-Jitsu since January of 2006 and is a two stripe brown belt under world IBJJF no gi champion Bruno Paulista. His passion for teaching and command of the English language makes for logical and thoughtful presentations of each technique.

He has a very active teaching style and constantly provides individual feedback for each student. Dan is constantly pushing the boundaries of the status quo to incorporate new teaching methodologies into each class.

1. Introduction and Overview
2. Hip Bump Sweep from Arm Drag
3. Fast Sweep to Mount from Arm drag Position
4. Insulating the Grip Strip While Dealing with Posture
5. Thumb in Grip to Overwhelm Variation
6. Thumb in Grip to Elbow and Leg Variation
7. Thumb in Grip to High Guard to Armdrag
8. Hip Bumping Up and Down AND vs Stallers
9. Taking the Back
10. Revisiting How to Sweep to Mount
11. Strip Grip & Break Posture with Legs as He Begins to Stand
12. Strip Grip & Attempted Posture Break to Waiter Sweep
13. Waiter Sweep He Falls Wrong Side to Armdrag
14. Wrist Lock from Mounted Armdrag
15. Video Analysis


Customer Reviews

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Awesome Instructional

The information, clear explanation, and demos in this instructional are great. The focus is on using a cross sleeve grip to break your opponent’s posture and get into what Xande Ribeiro refers to as the Side Closed Guard. From there, ways to sweep and take the back are shown.

As a white belt, before this instructional, my Closed Guard pretty much only consisted of holding on for dear life or opening my guard to attempt a scissor sweep or try, in vain, one of the basic armbar, triangle, or kimura attacks.

Thanks to this instructional, I now see how offensive and dangerous the Closed Guard can be and have already successfully used it during live rolling to sweep and take the backs of some of my training partners. Very much worth the small amount being asked for.

Christo Angelov
Exceptionally well put together and effective

Closed guard had been a frustrating position for me for a while now. I was not able to get anything working on anyone who was not a complete beginner and had strong arms, good base, and athleticism. More than once in competitions I would switch from closed to half guard, so I don't spend the rest of the match in a frustrated tug of war.

Until this video.

This is just the beginning, but I have crossed the arms, hip-bumped, and taken the back of people on whom I didn't think I could get these working. It can take some time to break through a strong defense, but that is what you would expect from a good system. At the end Dan narrates a fight with a strong world-class medalist, where his system prevails. Now I like closed guard again.

Daniel Rutter
Very Happy With This Purchase

Dan does a great job explaining and demonstrating the arm drag system from closed guard. This is a great value, and I highly recommend it.

Tauan Lemos

Very concise information presented in a very systematic way. Good video and good content!

N-T Organizer
Basic Jiu-Jitsu. No Fancy Stuff.

Science of The Closed Guard presents clear, effective, and extremely practical basic jiu-jitsu instruction. Dan Lukehart has taken his long-standing analyses of Roger Gracie's arm-drag, back-take strategy and systematized it into this compact instructional. Noted features include multi-angle perspectives of the various techniques, competition footage to demonstrate the techniques' practical application, and presentation of a coherent system rather than random, disconnected moves.

Excellent in depth review. Thank you!