Samurai Etiquette DVD with Ryumon Yamato

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The etiquette of martial arts is not simply manners. Each and every action of etiquette assumes the possibility of a sudden attack, and includes a posture for defense and counter-attack. Knowledge of this, and it's correct internalization, is connected to improved competency. Those who are able to perform etiquette completely internalize perfect strength.


Chapter listing:


Tachiwaza/The Act of Standing
Jin Dachi
Hai Rei
Keiyo Rei
Ryakushiki Rei
Sabaki /Te no Uchi
Tachi Sabaki Heisoku Dachi
Jizai Sabaki
Tachi Sabaki Hiki Dachi/Fumi Dachi/Kiba Dachi/
Tachi Sabaki/Zanshin/Tsugi Ashi/
Tachi Sabaki/Henten
Tachiwaza no Riai

Iwaza/The Act of Sitting
Hikae Rei
Shin no Rei
Kekkai Rei
Iwaza no Riai

Jin Dachi Suiko

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 60 min.