Sambo Techniques Complete Guide Vol 3 DVD by Yasuhiro Tanaka

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The third and final volume of this 3 DVD set includes the following chapters:

1: Gripping
-Grip from the inside
-Grip from the outside and sutemiwaza
-Breaking grip
-Grip to double leg takedown
-Grip to hip throw to sutemiwaza
-Important points of gripping
-Practice: 2 point games
-Practice: Concentrated sparring

2: Throws based on grip
-Hip throw when your sleeve and belt are gripped
-Hip throw to kesagatame when your sleeve and belt are gripped
-Throw when your belt is gripped with both hands
-Throw when your lapel is gripped with both hands
-Fireman's carry from lapel grip
-Belt grip to rolling kneebar
-Belt grip & leg entwine to rolling kneebar
-Belt grip to sutemi waza
-Belt grip & leg entwine to hip throw
-Belt grip & leg entwine to reverse hip throw
-Belt & sleeve grip to foot sweep sutemi waza
-Both sleeve grip to foot sweep
-Both sleeve grip to running foot sweep
-One sleeve grip to single leg hip throw

3: Other advanced techniques
-2 step airplane throw
-Sleeve and belt grip to to rolling hip throw
-Scissor takedown to calf slicer
-Rolling calf slicer
-Cradle to kneebar
-Americana to kneebar
-Americana to ankle lock
-Armbar from mount
-Side control to throw
-Turtle to straight ankle lock
-Defend single leg to kneebar
-Pull down to kneebar
-Scissor sweep reversal to achilles lock

Language: Japanese


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Even more techniques

Even more techniques in this 3rd volume, its more about the variables of the techniques+ unique circumstances. interesting& fun to learn. if you need the bulk of knowledge on sambo, this will satisfy.