Sambo Techniques Complete Guide Vol 1 DVD by Yasuhiro Tanaka

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World class Sambo competitor and instructor, Yasuhiro Tanaka takes you through the basic rules, grips, throws, takedowns, and submissions.

Chapters include:

-Basics of Sambo
--Sambo uniform
--Sambo stance
--Sambo point system

-Sambo Ippon Throws
--Throw while pinning 1 arm 1
--Throw while pinning 1 arm 2
--Throw while pinning 1 arm 3
--Throw while pinning 1 arm 4
--Throw while holding the belt 1
--Throw while holding the belt 2
--Throw while holding the belt 3
--Throw while holding the belt 4
--Throw while holding both sleeves 1
--Throw while holding both sleeves 2
--Shoulder throw 1
--Shoulder throw 2
--Tackle 1
--Tackle 2
--Leg takedowns

-Throws to Get 4 Points
--Obi torikaeshi
--3 direction tomoenage
--Gyaku kataguruma
--kata sode gyaku kataguruma
--henkei hikouki nage

-Takedown Pointers
--Attacking the turtle position 1
--Attacking the turtle position 2
--Attacking the turtle position 3

-13 Basic Grips

-Joint Locks

--Armbar 1
--Armbar 2
--Armbar 3
--Armbar 4
--Armbar 5
--How to master the armbar
--Stomach lock
--Rolling stomach armbar
--Developing strong legs through armbar training

-Achilles Lock
--Basics of the achilles lock
--Achilles lock on the opposite leg
--Achilles lock from the turtle position 1
--Achilles lock from the turtle position 2

--Kneelock 1
--Kneelock 2
--Kneelock 2 reversal
--Kneelock 3

--How to apply the kneebar
--Variation 1
--Variation 2
--Variation 3
--Kicking the other knee away
--Shoulder pulling out backwards
--Attacking the opposite leg

-Sambo Class Warmup

Language: Japanese