Ryukyu Mysterious Bujutsu: Te DVD by Keishiro Shiroma

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Okinawa - the homeland of Ryukyu Karate. The old masters all had a special way of moving their body and using their hands and feet. Finally, here is a clear system of how to develop this kind of body. Keishiro Shiroma shows how to move smoothly and powerfully.
Basic exercises 
Chest exercises
Hips exercises
Chest & hips combined exercises
Body movement 
Gamaku and muchimi
Chikara o dasu (Energy extension)
Atefa (power punches)
Chudanzuki no hohou (how to do chest level punches with power)
Keri no hohou (how to kick with power)
Mae geri oyowaza (advanced front kick)
Kuzushi & nage (Off balance and throw)
Basics of kuzushi
Throwing based on the reaction of your partner
And more...

Language: Japanese 

Run time: 72 min.