Ryukyu Kobujutsu Buki Jutsu Vol 1 DVD with Kiyoshi Yogi

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It is no exaggeration to say that, in Ryukyu Kobudo, Bojutsu is Kihon and Ogi (“inner teachings”). These techniques, seemingly simple, contain for that very reason many tricks, and if you relax your attention even slightly, an immediate weakening of strikes and thrusts may result. Most of the Bujutsu of mainland Japan were composed based on the principles of Kenjutsu, and the techniques are performed as though they were being done against Kenjutsu. In the same way, the principles of the greater part of the Bukijutsu of Ryukyu Kobudo were created to be used against Bojutsu. There is a prominent theory that the Sai was originally a Buddhist implement from India. Also, the character for Sai means a hairpin.In the Ryukyu Kingdom Period, there were mobile Ufuchiku inspectors, like our modern-day police inspectors, and in the same way that the magistrates of the mainland had Jutte, it’s said that it was used in this way as a symbol of their position. Nunchaku Jutsu is a Bujutsu that took an implement of daily Okinawan life, and was mainly used for self-defence situations among the farming class. Because of this, inasmuch as Nunchaku movement was passed down as tradition, it’s said that there are no such things as traditional “Kata.”
Chapter list:

Bo Jutsu
Bo Explanation
Bojutsu Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements)
Bojutsu Hojo Dosa (Supplementary Movements)
Bo no Hojo Undo (Supplementary Exercises)
Kihon Tachikata (Basic Ways of Standing)
Bo no Kata "Shushi no Kon(Sho)"
Kata no Bunkai

Sai Jutsu
Sai Explanation
Saijutsu Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements)
Sai no Hojo Dosa (Supplementary Movements)
Sai no Kata "Tsukenshitahaku no Sai"
Kata no Bunkai

Nunchaku Jutsu
Nunchaku Explanation
Nunchaku Kihon Dosa (Basic Movements)
Nunchaku no Hojo Undo (Supplementary Exercises)
Nunchaku no Mochikae Kata (Ways of Changing the Grip)
Nunchaku no Kata "Seiryu Nunchaku"
Kata no Bunkai

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Run time: 81 min.


Customer Reviews

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Buster Hyman
Video preservation/video presentation

The greatest thing about the 21st century is the visual presentation and preservation of traditional arts that are simultaneously of ancient origin and undergoing contemporary evolution.

While many fine martial arts books were published in the 20th century, even the best are not better than more current presentations that you can speed up; slow down; reverse; and tirelessly study to examine any art.

While no substitute for a teacher let me say just one word: Pandemic!

‘Nuff said.

So I give the DVD specifically and any tradition in general five stars that is attempting to save martial arts history for posterity!

Perfect even if you don’t speak Japanese! You have eyes don’t you?
And if you have ever traveled to study with a traditional master on home turf; then you know that the discipline of “watch and learn” is the order of the day anyway.