Russian Judo: Judo Masterclass Book by Alexander Iatskevich (Preowned)

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In this ground-breaking book, Alexander Iatskevich, five-times European champion and world junior champion, brings his extensive knowledge of Russian Judo to this comprehensive account. Iatskevich, currently coach to the Belgian national team, details the development of Russian judo encompassing Soviet wrestling styles like alternative grips and techniques that brought so much success to Soviet fighters and are now being adopted by fighters all over the world who recognize the strengths of the Russian style. Russian Judo includes seven different escapes from juji-gatame and also takes a brief look at leg-locks.


History of Russian Judo
Personal histiry of Alexander Iatskevich
Belt Grips
Defences against belt grips
Miscellaneous attacks
Defences against other grips
Armlocks - Attacks
Armlocks - Openings
Armlocks - Escapes
Russian Judo in competition

92 Pages
Language: English