Royler Gracie Competition Tested Techniques DVD 2: Guard and Half-Guard Passes

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Royler Gracie, one of the most renowned instructors and accomplished fighters in BJJ, releases his second instructional DVD focusing on one of his strongest suits: guard passing. The four times World BJJ Champion, three times World ADCC Champion demonstrates his favorite competition tested techniques.

Royler guides you in mastering the guard pass through a progressive format. Discover how to neutralize the opponent's attacks, position yourself to open the closed guard, and pass either from the knees or from the standing position. Learn the concept of controlling the opponent's leg, upper body, and hips. Royler reveals in detail his original passes and covers his own versions of some classical guard passes. Watch Royler perform these techniques in his weight category and in the open weight division.
Each position is demonstrated by Royler and illustrated with competition footage. These competition-tested techniques have proven their effectiveness and will help practitioners of all skill levels improve their game.

In a special introduction to the DVD, Royler`s biography highlights his champion career and achievements. The "Extra Feature" goes inside Gracie Humaita Academy, to discover Royler and Megaton training stand-up, ground drills and a torrid sparring session.


1 Opening The Closed Guard: Standing Up
2 Posture and Sweep Defense Inside The Closed Guard
3 Guard Pass From Standing
4 Guard Pass From The Knees
5 Guard Pass From The Knees: Variation
6 Fan Guard Pass
7 Cross Knee Pass
8 Cross Knee Pass To Mount
9 Half Guard Pass: Shooting The Leg
10 Half Guard Pass: Under Hook