Reverse Half Guard Series by Philipe Della Monica (On Demand)

Reverse Half Guard Series by Philipe Della Monica (On Demand)

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Philipe Della Monica is the head instructor of Gracie Barra HQ in Irvine, California, MMA coach for UFC champion Rafael Dos Anjos, and is also a master of the Reverse Half Guard.

In this first ever instructional set devoted to the Reverse Half Guard, Philipe shows how to get into the position, how to sweep, and how to get the submission. The Reverse Half Guard is a position that few BJJ practitioners are comfortable being in. Learn this guard and you will surprise a lot of your sparring partners!


1 Intro

Set ups

2 Deep half guard
3 Knee slice from half guard
4 Double guard pull
5 Sit up guard 1
6 Sit up guard 2
7 De la riva

Sweeps & submissions

8 Basic hand grip sweep
9 Hand grip sweep to ezekiel
10 Hand grip sweep with pendulum
11 Hand grip sweep with pendulum to armbar
12 Basic sweep with lapel feed
13 Pendulum sweep with lapel feed
14 Rocking back roll sweep
15 Unbreakable grip sweep
16 Unbreakable grip hook sweep
17 Unbreakable grip hook sweep with lapel
18 Unbreakable grip hook sweep to leg drag
19 Unbreakable grip hook sweep to the back
20 Recap of main points

Volume 2: Reverse Half Guard Vol 2 by Phillipe Della Monica

21 Retreating berimbolo to the back
22 Retreating berimbolo to the mount
23 Retreating collar choke
24 Retreating lapel sweep choke
25 Arm over tilt sweep to back take
26 Arm over lapel grip to the back
27 Belly sit toehold defense to armbar
28 Belly sit to the leg drag
29 Belly sit roll over sweep
30 Donkey kick leg weave sweep
31 Donkey kick lapel wrap sweep
32 Jump over duck out to the back
33 Jump over hip clinch sweep

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