Reverse De La Riva Formula Made Easy 4 DVD Set by Dante Leon - Budovideos Inc
Reverse De La Riva Formula Made Easy 4 DVD Set by Dante Leon - Budovideos Inc

Reverse De La Riva Formula Made Easy 4 DVD Set by Dante Leon

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Learn the secrets of a young rising star in Dante Leon

  • Dante Leon has a guard game that has frustrated the most elite grapplers
  • Reverse De La Riva has never been easier to learn
  • Dante draws back the curtain and lets you in on all of his secrets
  • Gain an entirely new perspective on the Reverse De La Riva Guard and sweep all of your training partners
  • Transform your entire game

Dante Leon is a world class black belt at only 23 years old, and even at such a young age, he approaches his ground game like a true veteran. He’s always evolving, always learning, and always perfecting, and that approach led him to his signature guard: the reverse de la riva.


Reverse De La Riva is a simple position that has caught on in recent years, especially with those who like to invert and roll under for the back. But this position can be so much more than that! It’s a dynamic place to be, with a lot of options to keep you safe and offensive, even against a much larger opponent. With a lot of people trying to take this guard and make it more complicated, with variations and new inventions and wild flashy attacks, Dante took things the other way and developed his reverse de la riva into a straightforward and effective system that he can use on anyone, even the elite fighters in his divisions.


Now that he has a full service system, with techniques he can rely on even when things aren’t going his way, Dante Leon is here to share that knowledge with you. Over four volumes, you will see how Dante approaches the guard strategically, what his go to attacks are, and how he responds when someone starts working themselves into better positions. After this, you will have no stone unturned when it comes to playing a dynamic and exciting reverse half guard, no matter your age or skill level! Don’t let the look of it fool you, these are not just techniques that work for certain fighters, or on certain fighters. This is serious control that anyone can use to move easier on bottom, and anyone from a white belt to a black belt, roosterweight to ultra heavyweight can benefit.


So who is Dante Leon?

For anyone who hasn’t been following the competition scene that closely, to put it simply he is one of the new generation of black belts that has been lighting up the scene with impressive performances across the globe. The GFT representative, under Vitor Oliveira, lit up the competition scene as a colored belt before he recieved his black belt, and he hasn’t turned back since, picking up IBJJF tournament golds, and wins over black belts like Nick Calvanese, Rustam Chsiev, Josh Hayden, and Alexandre Vieira. His game flows equally well between the gi and no gi competition, and Dante has been a consistently tough match for even the best in the world, who always end up frustrated by his reverse de la riva game.


What's On This Series?
Learn How To Set Yourself Apart In One Of The World’s Most Popular Guards


The reverse de la riva is one of only a few positions where you always have an attack ready, you can always roll under to the famed kiss of the dragon and try to take the back.


A lot of people want to hit this move, but there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. Thankfully, Dante is here to lend you his perspective as an experienced fighter, and tell you the details and progressions he goes through to hit his sweep, every time.


Once you have created a little space, this attack can end in sweep after sweep, or submission after submission, and you’ll get all of that in explicit, thoughtful instruction.


What really sets Dante’s reverse de la riva apart is how he is able to use other guards to enforce and redouble his attacks. Whenever you establish that hook on the leg, your opponent still has his arms and other leg to try to reposition and pass, so while you are isolating and dominating one part of the body, you are having to defend elsewhere. Not Dante, though! Instead, he is able to keep his guard evolving by adding in lasso hooks, lapel controls, and other variations that are a ready made headache for anyone who wants to play top against you.