Reality Based Police & Security Arrest and Control DVD by Sergeant Jim Wagner

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Nowadays, all the systems teach one how to strike and block to confront a possible aggressor. However, what they lack is teaching one how to handle important elements before and after the conflict, such as what to do with an attacker after a fight. Sergeant Jim Wagner, one of the instructors with the most experience in this area, has made this video not only to show the security forces the methods that are most practiced to arrest someone, but to educate martial artists in the training that goes beyond the conflict phase. We will learn about the techniques and tricks for cuffing, the best positions to put the suspect in: face down, sitting, on his knees and standing, just as we will look at various pieces of advice to avoid surprises on the part of the person detained.

A perfect complement if you take self-defense seriously.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French