Reality Based Ground Attacks DVD with Jim Wagner

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This new DVD is anything but sport-based or traditional-based ground fighting training. It is a DVD that is packed with techniques and training methods that will make your current training more reality-based, and reality-based means material that prepares you for what you would actually encounter going against a criminal or terrorist. Ground Attacks is packed with step-by-step techniques; the same techniques that I teach to police officers and military personnel all over the world. If you have any previous training in ground fighting this DVD will turn what you have and make it more reality-based. If you have absolutely no previous ground training, then the techniques and training methods shown will be an easy-to-learn foundation. When I say, “easy-to-learn,” I mean just that. I believe that if you cannot master any self-defense move in five minutes you should throw away that technique. Real combat is fast, simple, and brutal.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French