PVT WSL Ving Tsun: Core Concepts DVD by Jerry Yeung

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To advance is to go back to the principle, but what is the principle of Ving Tsun Kuen? Tan Sau, Bong Sau , Fook Sau? All of them can’t compare to the importance of the straight punch. From the subconscious mind of Sil Nim Tao to actual street combat. From Ving Tsun Legend, Wong Shun Leung to his first generation student: Jerry Yeung and Mark Wong’s set up of PVT GROUP’s Hong Kong establishment, it is necessary to re-establish the focal point of Ving Tsun Kuen in order to find the answer!
* Topics covered in full details : Proper Ving Tsun Straight Punch , Footwork , Correct Angle , Street Application etc.