Pencak Silat Seminar DVD 2 with Cecep Rahman

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Golok - Toya - Cimande

CECEP A. RAHMAN has studied the Pencak Silat for more than 30 years. This formal trainer of Panglipur also directly learned Cimande, Cikalong, Sera, Kari, Madi and Syabandar. These styles are major in west Java and are well known in all of Indonesia.

He is also featured in films such as "The Raid 2" and "Star Wars 7".

Content :
-Applications of CIMANDE
-Ganda of CIMANDE
-Training with Toya in CIMANDE
-Jurus with Toya in CIMANDE
-Training and Jurus with Golok in CIMANDE

Demonstration during
- The French Senior Cup (2006)
- The French Junior Cup (2006)

In this film you will discover and learn some points of these styles under the direction of Cecep A. Rahman who will bring you inside the tradition of the Indonesian Pencak Silat.

Languages: English, German, French
Running Time: 60 Minutes


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