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Pencak Silat Pamacan Vol 1 DVD By Cecep A. Rahman

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The Tiger Fighting System from Java

Cecep A Rahman (Panglipur style) presents you Pamacan Volume1, the well-known Javanese tiger fighting system that come from the Cimande style.
Tiger is one of the most important animals in Pencak Silat and still keep a predominant place inside the structure of a lot of styles in Java but also in Sumatra.
With this Film you will learn the specific Senan (Stretching) for the tiger style, the Jurus, the applications and the explanations of the principle of Pamacan.
With the advices of Kang Cecep it will be easy for you to understand this dynamic, explosive, efficient and traditional system!

Senan for:

Jurus Pamacan empty hands

Principle of Kelid:

Language: English
Running Time: 70 Minutes


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