Pencak Silat - 20 Kuncian 20 Styles DVD Vol 2 By Pak Haji Syofian Nadar

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PPK Haji Syofyan Nadar is, actually, one of the best master in Minangkabau Silek and renowed for his knowledge in Harimau, Byang and Sunua Styles.

A real virtuoso in locks art (Kuncian). In this film, he presents to you the second set of 10 Kuncian.  Shooted with 2 angles, speed and slow motion, this film will give you the opportunity to increase your knowledge of Kuncian in sitting or normal position!
With the help of his 2 sons 2 assistants, Pk Haji offers to you the ability to learn deadly techniques with or without weapons.

In Bonus, and it is always a pleasure, you will see Pk Haji in a set of free applications against knife.

Ganda Kombinasi 3 Aliran:

Kombinasi Kuncian and Ganda Piso Harimau

10 Techniques Kuncian:
-Silek Harimau
-Silek Trai Kain
-Silek Harimau Singgalang
-Silek Kumango
-Silek Sunua Batino
-Silek Siranti
-Silek Batu Banyak
-Silek Lintauh
-Silek Buayo
-Silek Harimau Rimbo Bunian

-Free Applications

Languages: English, French
Length: 100 min.

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