Pedro Sauer Black Belt Series: BJJ Toolbox with Eddie Edmunds.

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Pedro Sauer Black Belt Eddie Edmunds demonstrates some of his favorite moves on the latest DVD in the Pedro Sauer Black Belt Series. 

List of techniques included:

Guard (bottom)
- Americana Sweep
- Wrist Lock
- Combat Base Sweep
- Combat Base Stand up Sweep
- Combat Base Take Back
- Combat Base Calf Slice
- Combat Base Arm Bar Sweep
- Pit Stop Arm Bar
- Back Hand Arm Bar
- Table Top Sweep

Half Guard
- Wrist Lock

Guard (top)
- Arm Bar (stack pass)
- Split Pass
- De La Riva Toe Hold

- Escape
- Arm Bar
- Wrist Lock

Side Control
- Hip Switch Arm Bar
- Penguin Triangle