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Aikido Osaka Aikikai DVD 3: Aikido Keiko by Kazuo Nomura

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This DVD, the third of the series by Master Nomura, completes the two previous volumes, which were dedicated to the principles of Aikido and the technical aspects of Aikido, by presenting "Keiko" meaning "practice." In this DVD, "Keiko" is presented in three parts, which are entitled "Ki o Nukanai," "Ki o Dasu," and "Ki ni Awasu." Each section of this DVD shows different techniques organized in a specific sequence for the sake of understanding, however, the core concepts of all the techniques are the same. In the context of Aikido training, "Ki o Nukanai" can be understood as not being loose or unfocused. "Ki o Nukanai" is dependent on the capacity to move the body as a whole and in a coordinated manner, and to possess a stable yet relaxed and sufficiently lowered waist: A quality leading to the concept of feeling centered. The second part, entitled "Ki o Dasu," or "releasing energy" presents some of the technical aspects of training that serve to enhance sensitivity in taking the initiative to invite the energy of Uke . The third section is devoted to "Ki ni Awasu," or "adapting to energy," and focuses on the basic techniques of Aikido in order to incorporate the themes of the two preceding sections of the DVD.
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