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Aikido Osaka Aikikai DVD 2 by Kazuo Nomura

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In this second work called “En/ten & Sabaki” (circular integration and evasive maneuvers) Nomura Shihan and his Uke A. Malet show us a simple and systematic way of practice that will allow us to integrate the three key stages required to master any martial art: learning the principles, the focus on the technical aspects and the practical phase of development through training. For a better understanding of these 3 stages of evolution, the DVD is divided into 5 parts: Sabaki no Hokko (direction of movement), absorption of Ki, Nagare & En/Ten (fluidity and circularity), Suwari Waza (seated techniques), and Buki Waza (techniques with weapons). An excellent method of training focused on mastering the secrets of the "Aikido without form".
Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French